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What You Should Know Before Moving Into Your Apartment



Some minor problems may not be evident until you are actually living in your new apartment. When you move in, you be given an “Apartment Inspection Form”. Please read the list, check any items which need to be repaired or cleaned, and return the form to our office staff within 15 calendar days of the date you move into your apartment. If you request repairs after the 15-day period has elapsed, we may assume the repairs are needed as a result of your occupancy and not that of the former resident. You may be charged for the labor and supplies necessary to repair damage caused beyond normal wear and tear.


You will conduct an inspection with a representative of Management of the premises before moving in or as soon after the date of move-in as is possible to determine the condition of the apartment at the time of leasing. This inspection may also serve the purpose of identifying and validating your request for reasonable accommodation alterations to the premises that will maximize access to and use of the premises by a member(s) of your family who has disability.




Although we carry adequate insurance to protect the building and property against loss, we cannot supply you with coverage on your privately-owned furnishings and valuables. Only you can purchase insurance on your furniture, rugs, and other household goods. For these reasons, we strongly recommend that you obtain a “renter’s” or “tenants” insurance policy for your own protection in the event of fire, theft or other misfortune. We are not responsible for loss or damage of property left in storage areas or elsewhere in our community.




You will find your correct mailing address stated on your lease. Please notify the post office and you friends both your building address and apartment number. This will ensure your mail is delivered without delay.




Residents are responsible to Massachusetts Electric Company for payment of electric usage. Massachusetts Electric will be contacted by the management office prior to occupancy as it will take several days to process your request and open an account in your name. Please contact the electric company directly if there is a problem with your account.


Additional Appliances


Your building is not designed to support numerous additional appliances in each apartment. To avoid hazardous conditions, residents are not permitted to install air conditioners, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, freezers or other major appliances without written consent from the management staff. Should installation be approved, there may be an additional charge for fuel or energy used to operate the appliance.


Air Conditioners


Specific safety and other restrictions apply to installing air conditioners. Before you buy or install an air conditioner in your apartment, you must check with the management staff. Our staff will gladly tell you what the proper unit type, size and voltage is for your apartment, and where units may be installed. Always have one of our staff members check the installation to make sure it has been completed properly. If you install air conditioners and disregard these safety and other restrictions, you will be required to remove the unit.




It is your responsibility to contact the telephone company for service. Residents are not permitted to re-wire their telephone outlets themselves. Once your telephone has been installed, please notify the office of your new telephone number. Our office staff will need this number to reach you in case of an emergency.


Noise and Disturbances


You have the same right to privacy in your apartment as you would in a single family home. Your neighbors also have this right. Because apartments are close together, please consider other residents when you play a radio, musical instrument, stereo or television. By keeping the bass knob on your stereo at the lowest possible setting, you will avoid disturbing your neighbors. If you play music in any common area you must use earphones. You, your family and guests should never create noise or disturbances in your apartment or near the buildings, particularly when other residents may be sleeping.


In the event of a public disturbance, call the police and be sure to report the incident to the office in writing. If your neighbors are creating noise or a disturbance, please contact the office staff. Residents who become the subject of repeated complaints risk having their leases terminated.


Locks & Doors


You may alter or add new locks or knockers to your apartment door provided you follow the proper procedure as outlined below.

  1. You must receive written permission from our office staff before you alter or add new locks or knockers.
  2. You must have new locks keyed to our master system
  3. You must give your property manager a duplicate key to new locks. We need access to your apartment in case of fire, flood, or any other emergency.


Once new locks or knockers are installed, they become a permanent fixture. You may not remove them during your residency or after you move. We must enforce this policy because it is very costly to repair or replace a door which has had locks or knockers removed. Also, an unlocked vacant apartment is a security hazard.


You might want to give a trusted friend or neighbor a key to your apartment in case you lose or misplace your own key. If a staff member must unlock your door for you after business hours, you will be charged a fee. This fee is highest on weekends and after midnight. To request key service after business hours, call the emergency answering service. You will be charged an additional $5 or more if you go directly to a staff member’s apartment rather than call the emergency answering service for assistance.


Door Mats


Mats are not allowed outside your apartment entry doors per the Fire Department.