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Safety & Security



The best security systems begin with you and every other resident in out community. The first thing you should do is introduce yourself to your neighbors. Then, is you see someone in your building you don’t know, exchange introductions. It’s good to know who lives in our community. This will help you feel at home. The following suggestions will also help you feel secure.


  • Keep your doors and windows locked at appropriate times.
  • Don’t hesitate to check credentials by phone before you allow a stranger to come into your home.
  • Before your open your door (or buzz open the lobby door) ask your caller to identify him or herself. If your do not know the person, insist he or shoe produce identification before you permit entry.
  • If your notice any suspicious behavior in your building or community, call the police immediately and report the incident to our office staff as soon as possible.


Fire Doors and Equipment


Tampering with smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and other emergency equipment in or around our community is strictly prohibited. If your have a roof or attic access door, use it only during an emergency. Anyone who disregards fire regulations creates an extremely hazardous situation. To safeguard yourself, your family and your neighbors, please heed the following guidelines.


To Avoid Fire


  • Be cautious with matches and smoking material and keep these items out of the reach of young children.
  • Do not smoke in bed.
  • Keep curtains, mops, brooms, clothing and other flammable materials away from range burners, hot water heaters or similar heat conductors.
  • Do not collect rubbish such as old papers and clothes, broken furniture, rags or paint cans.
  • Never store propane tanks for gas barbecues, gasoline or other flammable liquids in your apartment or elsewhere in our community.
  • Keep electrical equipment in good working order. Do not use loose sockets or items with frayed cords or loose plugs.
  • Do not overload an outlet with too many plugs.


In Case of Fire


  • Notify the fire department yourself; do not rely on other people. They may panic and forget to make the call.
  • Make sure your family knows two safe exit routes from the building.
  • Agree upon an outside meeting place. This will help you know when all members of your family are safe.
  • Once you are outside, do not return to your apartment until the firefighters give you permission.


Smoke Detectors


The following is a tip form the manufacturer of the smoke detectors:


“Insects or bugs crawling inside the detector may cause nuisance alarms. If you experience false alarms de to this reason you may find that spraying around the detector with insect repellant or insecticide may help eliminate the problem. DO NOT SPRAY ANY CHECMICAL DIRECTLY ON YOUR SMOKE DETECTOR.”


If the problem persists, please contact the office.