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Outside Your Apartment

Common Facilities


The laundry rooms, grounds and all common structures and equipment are intended for the use and enjoyment of all the residents. We know we can depend upon you, your family and guests to heed the following rules and help keep our community clean, safe and attractive.

  • Do not damage trees, shrubs, flowers, mailboxes, fences or other exterior features.
  • Never leave personal belongings on exterior porches or in the hallways.
  • Playing ball or other noisy activities are not permitted near buildings or in the parking lots or streets where they may disturb other residents or damage parked vehicles.
  • Feel free to socialize in designated sitting areas. Do not sit on the front lawns, walls, sidewalks, near entrances or in the parking lots.
  • The use of barbecues, other than in designated areas, is not permitted as this creates a fire hazard.
  • The use of clotheslines, clothes poles or clothes racks outside of your apartment is not permitted. The draping or hanging of clothes on porches, fences, bushes, benches, window sills, railings or outside light fixtures is prohibited.


In addition to the rules outlined above and on the preceding page, we expect member of our community to follow these recommendations:


  • Use paved walkways rather than walk on the grass.
  • Caution people who are destroying common property and immediately report the incident to out office staff.
  • Pick up trash and litter and encourage others to do the same.
  • Do not smoke in the common areas.




Lost and Found


Articles found in common areas or on the grounds should be returned to the office where they will be held for 15 days. The owner may claim a lost articles by providing adequate identification.


Trash Disposal


You are responsible for properly disposing of your garbage and trash. Always be sure to place your trash in tightly sealed bags. Then, put your trash bags in the proper receptacle.  Children who are too small to reach the appropriate receptacles should never be permitted to dispose of trash. They cannot help but cause trash spills that create generally unpleasant conditions for all residents. Garbage or trash may never be left outside your apartment door, in hallways or on porches.


Resident Parking


Please note that campers, trailers, boats, commercial vehicles and inoperable or unregistered vehicles, including minibikes, may not be parked in our community. Motorcycles are in the same category as other vehicles. They must be properly registered and parked in the lots. Auto repairs other than flat tire changes or other minor adjustments are not permitted on the property. Car washing is not permitted.


Please remember the following:


  • Remember to park straight between the lines. Do not take up more than your share of the parking spaces.
  • Always be prepared to move your car after a snowstorm so that the parking lots can be plowed.


We reserve the right to enforce parking regulations through towing. Cars improperly or illegally parked will be towed away at the owner’s risk and expense. Fire regulations prohibit parking or storing motorcycles, minibikes or similar equipment fueled by gasoline or other combustibles in an apartment, in storage areas or near buildings. Parking is not permitted in the fire lanes under any circumstances.


Only Residents with Handicapped Plates are permitted to park in Handicapped designated spaces. Please be respectful of the needs and rights of your neighbors with disabilities.


Posting Notices


Posting signs or notices in common areas is permitted only with the prior consent of the property manager. If permitted, posting will be restricted to bulletin boards provided for this purpose.