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Lease Requirements & Financial Information



Your rent payment is due in full on or before the first business day of each month. Please make sure you also print your name and apartment number on your check or money order before you make payment. Then, simply mail your check or deliver it to our office staff during regular business house. After hours, you can place you check through the door slots at the main office. Your canceled check will serve as your receipt. For your own protection, always pay your rent by check or money order. Our office staff cannot be responsible for lost or stolen cash payments or those not received for any other reason. Management reserves the right to charge for personal checks returned due to insufficient funds.


Late rental payments will be acceptable only under highly unusual circumstances. If there is a special reason why you cannot pay your rent by the first business day of the month, please submit an explanation in writing to our office staff before the first of the month.


Sometimes a resident must pay additional repair charges. This type of charge is levied if permanent fixtures in your home such as doors, windows, or appliances are broken or damaged due to carelessness or neglect. You must pay these repair charges within 30 days of receiving the bill.


Security Deposit


The security deposit you have given us will be held throughout your residency. Please note that this deposit cannot be used instead of any rent payment due. After you have vacated your apartment and a satisfactory inspection has been completed, your security deposit will be returned to you. However, if damage exists beyond normal wear and tear as a result of your occupancy, the cost of repairing the damage will be deducted from your security deposit. Please remember that the security deposit cannot be accepted as the final month’s rent. Before moving out of your apartment, be sure to leave a forwarding address with the office. This will ensure the prompt return of your security deposit.


Security deposit interest will be paid to you on the anniversary date of your lease each year in accordance with Massachusetts law. If you move out before one year has elapsed, no interest will have accrued on your deposit.


Terminating Your Lease


If you wish to terminate your lease, you must notify our office staff, in writing, in accordance with your lease agreement. You must hand deliver or mail your notice on or before the first day of the final month you occupy your apartment. For example, if you plan to move June 15th, you must forward written notice on or before May 1st because May is the final full month you will be in your apartment. Please note the above example may not apply to all residents. Residents with government assistance may only terminate their leases effective the last calendar day of a particular month. Always review your lease and check with our office staff if you are uncertain as to the proper procedure for terminating your particular lease.


Recertification for Assisted Residents


Under the terms of your lease, you may have agreed to supply written information about your household income and the number of family members living in your apartment. This process is called recertification and takes place annually. When recertification is due, you will receive notification. You must comply with all requirements as instructed.


The contract rent on your apartment does not change as a result if income recertification. However, if your income changes, there may be an adjustment in the portion of the rental charges you pay each month. Your delay or failure to complete the recertification process will result in an interruption of your subsidy payments and could lead to termination of your lease.


Residents may request to meet with Management regarding recertification and subsequent change in rent. Resident with disabilities may request auxiliary aids for the conduct of this meeting. Management shall provide the aides requested.


Apartment Transfers


Because transferring rom one apartment to another is a difficult and costly procedure, transfers are strictly limited.


In order to qualify for an apartment transfer, you must:

  • Experience a change in family size or
  • Have a documented medical reason for requesting a transfer. In certain cases, a transfer may be permitted when there is a serious problem which affects the management of the property.


If you meet one of the criteria listed above, you should submit a written request to your property manager explaining why a transfer is necessary. Key considerations may be your rent payment history, your current rent status, and whether or not the transfer would interfere with the overall operation of maintenance of the property.


If your transfer request is approved, you will be expected to accept the first apartment offered in the appropriate size. Once you accept the transfer, you will need to sign a new lease and pay to have your old apartment cleaned and painted.


In addition, you may be charged for repairs beyond normal wear and tear.